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I wrote the couple of paragraphs below a few years ago to explain my core purpose and personal narrative. With what is happening in our world today I can only say that I have never believed more in this philosophy; it is at the core of my being…

“In working with many organisations and individuals across the globe for almost three decades it became abundantly clear to me that we must embrace a radical new paradigm in dealing with, motivating, and engaging people. We need to embrace the universal truth that one cannot find security or permanence in any system, structure, or organisation. The only security that we can all have in the Global Village is in our collective and individual competencies, abilities, self believe and perpetual movement. Only the most creative, innovative, and agile will be sustainably successful and competitive.

Unfortunately we have been taught and conditioned to find our security in systems, structures, and organisations. Our schools and universities, our colleges and society have mostly prepared us for the industrial world. As Charles Handy puts it; we are perfectly prepared for a world that no longer exists! Many people see organisations as entities that should provide them security, predictability, and stability in exchange for their loyalty.

This is partly because of the way organisations have done recruitment in the old world of work, with promises of permanence, career paths, and a lifelong job. This led to employees outsourcing their security. It also led to very low levels of creativity, personal growth, and taking responsibility for your own future. We can refer to it as the classic dependency or victim mindset.

Some organisations and individuals see this old psychological contract as a form of loyalty. The company provides security and permanence, the employee mindless adherence. Actually that is not loyalty at all. It is the opposite. It is the imprisonment of the human soul, the imprisonment of potential and creativity. Loyalty is where organisations encourage the individual to become liberated. Where they say: Grow with us, or out-grow us, but not growing is not an option.

It is my core purpose and passion to assist organisations and individuals to become Future Fit and Liberated entities. I believe that Liberated Organisations attract liberated individuals to a high-performance culture that benefits everyone involved. A culture is created where people are empowered and the authors of their own lives and careers.”

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